Custom Made

Custom Made Machine Embroidery items that can be

designed to your specification.

Quilt Labels, Cushion Panels, Tags and Quilt Blocks.

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Keepsake Tag - Custom Made

Product no.: KT-001

Per Tag


Cushion Panel - Twinkle little star

Product no.: CP-2

Embroidered Fabric Cushion Panel - Twinkle


Baby Birth Announcement Sew in Quilt Panel - Custom Made

Product no.: BP-C1

Custom Embroidery New Baby


Patch - Add a border

Product no.: B-001

Add to your Panel


Wedding Panel

Product no.: W-001

Per Panel


Name Patch ~ Four Lines

Product no.: QN-4

Per Panel


Name Patch ~ Three Lines

Product no.: QN-3

Per Panel


Name Patch ~ Two Lines

Product no.: QN-2

Per Panel


Name Patch ~ One Line

Product no.: QN-1

Per Panel


Memory Patch - Custom

Product no.: MP-C1

Per Panel


Memory Patch - Personalised

Product no.: MP-C2

Per Panel


Memory Patch -Handwriting Script Personalised

Product no.: MPS-2

Per Panel


Memory Patch - Handwriting Script Bespoke

Product no.: MPS-3

Per Panel


Memory Patch Personalised - Reflection Script Embroidery

Product no.: MPI-2

Memory Patch  Personalised Embroidery


Memory Patch - Reflection Script Bespoke

Product no.: MPI-3

Per Panel


Custom Order -C-078

Product no.: C-078

Per Panel


Custom Order -C-079

Product no.: C-079